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vixx drabble dump of doom

So this was the post I drafted to start it all, but ended up being the last to post. Finally got off my butt to post these half-written things that have been hiding in my WIP folder.

"You have to do something," Isa said. "They need to meet people."

Some of these I intended to flesh out into fics but they're not ficcing right now, so I'll leave them here for pompoms and encouragement since those have proven to make me write even when I feel lazy about it.

New drabbles will be added to the bottom of this post when they're written.

1. hakyeon-centric; I probably wrote this around the same time as sad leader!cha fic. gave this up because it was too thematically similar

Comebacks are a head rush—minimal sleep combined with the exhilaration of performing in front of a screaming audience, fansigns packed with fans who love them and want to know them, radio shows and a series of performing at schools, stadiums, road shows. Hakyeon both loves and fears them.

When it's good, he feels like a bit of buried treasure waiting to be found. Fans peer at and dig and chip at the surface of his persona—confident, sassy N, sexy and flawless—trying to find the bits of Hakyeon underneath.

Truth be said, there are times he's not sure what he's become. Or if there's anything left to be discovered.

It's been so long, after all. It's easier and easier to throw on the smile and the distractions. With enough smoke and mirrors, maybe they'll forget that there was ever anyone under the mask.

2. shadow leader hyuk fic

No one dares to say this in front of the cameras (because of the wrath they will have to endure once the cameras stop rolling) but the true puppet-master of VIXX is not their Leader Cha. Nor is it Taekwoon, whose stoic exterior remains unfazed to everything except the most absurd of Jaehwan's jokes. Neither is it Wonshik, despite his financial muscle in royalties, nor is it Hongbin.

No. It's Hyuk.

3. fluff for alesserrain who was feeling sick: Imagine Hakyeon sniffling from cold and flu and <member of choice> firmly tucking him into the blankets

"Hyung, you're getting all the mucus on me, you look really gross."

Hakyeon lifts his head bleakly. "What mucus. I just have a pounding headache, you idiot."

Sanghyuk pauses. "But Jaehwan-hyung told me—is that drool on your face? Did you just wake up?"

"Have some soup, hyung!" Hongbin shoulders over and shoots Sanghyuk a look of superiority as he helps Hakyeon sit up and carefully puts a pillow behind him so he can spoon soup into his mouth. "Our Hyukkie still doesn't know how to take care of people."

"Is that a pimple on your face?" Sanghyuk asks Hongbin critically. He takes the soup in victory when Hongbin dashes to the bathroom with a yelp. "Come on hyung, I can do this just as well, I'll show you."

"Stop teasing your hyungs," Hakyeon orders, but obediently opens his mouth for Sanghyuk to spoon it in.

"Hyukkie, you're getting soup all over me."

"Do you want me to help you take a shower?"

Hakyeon squints at him. "I think I'm perfectly capable of showering on my own."

Hongbin pops into the room. "Did someone say a shower? Hyung, I've got this new shampoo product you just have to try, let me—"

"Don't you have a pimple to take care of?" Sanghyuk interrupts.

Hongbin meets his eyes in challenge. "Pimples can wait. Hakyeon-hyung here might fall sick again if he sits here for too long in damp clothes."

So this is how Hongbin wants to play it. Sanghyuk's eyes narrow. He is SO on. "I'd like to see you carry Hakyeon-hyung to the bathroom on your own," Sanghyuk mutters under his breath.

Hongbin gives him a dirty look. "What do you think these muscles are for?"

"Looking pretty. Who's the one who carried Hakyeon-hyung on his shoulders again? Effortlessly, if I may add."

"Effortlessly? You terrified him, you know he's scared of heights!"

"I had him!"

"You should have seen the look on Wonshik's face."

"Guys, I'm still here."

4. sad Neo fic

When they start out, Hakyeon is convinced that Taekwoon is going to be his lifelong friend.

They're the same age, a thousand social barriers erased by that fact alone. The others are separated by language and experiences, honorifics forming invisible walls.

He lets Hakyeon in, lets him press into spaces he doesn't let anyone else touch.

Taekwoon will fling an arm around his shoulder when they're on stage and he's delirious with the rush of performing and forgets who he's with. Hakyeon will take what he can get.

There will be a misunderstanding. It will be so bad Hakyeon will back off, reeling.

My biggest regret is meeting you.

For the first time on national television, Hakyeon will be unable to control his facial expression. He will shove the cardboard heart he's carrying at the camera, blocking the live feed for that instant. It will be too late to hide his face.

It will take many months for him to get over the loss of his best friend. It will happen in stages. Hakyeon will get busy with his individual schedules. Taekwoon will get busy with his. They will meet for their performances and VIXX TV and comeback stages, but they won't talk beyond that. Minhyuk will stay by his side. Wonshik will make himself available when he needs a listening ear. Jaehwan will make him laugh, give him massages when he's stressed. Sanghyuk will bully him, draw himself up to his full height and tower over Hakyeon. Hongbin will blush when he goes too close, will retaliate with teasing that goes overboard at times, then he will turn around and volunteer to spend time with Hakyeon when he doesn't have to.

Hakyeon will find others, and he will move on.

Just not completely.

Still pending:

5. BFF!Eunji drabble
6. preening!Leo drabble
7. bird!N, cat!Leo drabble—yes, thank you very much neko_90

8. Arashi and VIXX swop schedules drabble (yes, thanks so much again)

9. red velvet joy-centric drabble (and how did that sneak into here)

Being a girl group member is this: Smiling, when the world prints articles about your thighs and speculates about when you're going to take its friendly advice and finally slim down; when fangirls of your on-screen husband send you death threats for daring to look in their oppa's direction; when someone prettier, younger is added into the group and all of a sudden you are spiraling, lost, the maknae-that-isn't, not anymore.

You're surviving on three hours of sleep but there's your name and the persona your company has given you, and hosts are looking to you for that quick injection of brightness so they have something to broadcast. "Red Velvet's happy pill," they called you when you debuted, and it stuck. It's Yeri's job now, you think bitterly, but Yeri is still young and wide-eyed on shows, laughing too much and not yet as instinctively aware of her role. Your name is Joy and this is the only way you can stay relevant as you work out what the heck you're supposed to be in this group.

(Red Velvet is one; you shouldn't be thinking such thoughts about another member.)

So you crack the jokes you've been practicing, hoarding preciously from the moment the company told you you would be the maknae (and it was a relief; you don't have vocals like Wendy or dancing genes like Seulgi but you can be cute, you can be happy, you can have something to contribute).

Wendy tidies Yeri's fringe for her and you watch, across the long gulf of the Sukira table with its tangle of microphones and wires. It feels a lot further than it is. Privileges of being the maknae; Wendy looks almost motherly. The smile on your face has tightened, but thankfully no one else notices—except Irene who first came to you all those months ago when they broke the news, the concerned leader, and you sat with her, behind the sofa where no one could find you, and cried.

Tags: drabble, red velvet, the black hole of kpop, vixx

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