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fills from the vixx 3 sentence ficathon

Here's a dump of all my fills from the VIXX 3 Sentence Ficathon that happened in June!

1. N/Leo, I don't wanna love you now / If you'll just leave some day for fairyminseok
(also the only fill that's actually three sentences)

"Stop it."

Taekwoon looks pained, but doesn't make a sound to protest when Hakyeon picks up his full, full duffle bag and hefts it onto his shoulder.

Hakyeon leaves because he doesn't want to be there when Taekwoon finally does.

2. N/Hyuk. "Only look at me, hyung. I'm everything that you should see." for thunggyu

Hakyeon's looking away again, searching for that person who's going to steal his heart and patch up the little lost feeling inside.

Hyuk burns; doesn't Hakyeon know that he can be all that he needs? He's younger, yes, but he isn't young anymore—he can scoop his hyung up and hoist him on his shoulders without breaking a sweat, he can be the sturdy support Hakyeon needs from time to time, he knows he can handle Hakyeon's heart: carefully, reverently, like holding on to something rare and precious. He can be responsible for something like that.

Someone sidles up to Hakyeon, who looks back, watching with eyes full of hope. Hyuk refuses to watch another train wreck happen.

Hyuk steps in, grasps Hakyeon's face with both hands. "Look at me, hyung. Only look at me." I can be all you need. He'll say it until Hakyeon can see that it's true.

3. N/Ravi, one-sided soulbond for alesserrain

The soul bond isn't complete.

It didn't take—couldn't take when one party was already bound to another. It was a mistake, perhaps, something wrong in his DNA that dictated he should fall in love with someone who has already sold his soul to music.

Wonshik sits in his studio and creates beautiful, beautiful compositions. They're wonderful, heart-wrenching, blood-thrumming pieces. He barely notices that his own soul bond is trying to tug him towards Hakyeon; he doesn't have time nor energy left over for it. He's absorbed in the beats, mesmerised by the melody he's creating with his fingers.

When he's done in the studio, he returns to their dorms and falls asleep immediately. Hakyeon watches the moonlight track brightness over his face, wishes and wants. In the morning, he keeps his distance again, lets Wonshik run after his dreams, tries not to ache.

If Wonshik has bound himself to music, Hakyeon wonders if he could give himself over to dance. He could yield, could let it happen, until his knees give way and his back can bend no more. A puppet buoyed up by the last fraying strings of a dying soul bond.

But if he can dance to the music Wonshik creates, maybe he can pretend in that moment that there's still something that holds them together. Even if it's just for three minutes.

4. N/anyone, too close for anon

"Stay away!"

"I was just—"

"Don't touch me," Hakyeon snarls, lashing out at the person who dared to lay a hand on his shoulder. There are too many people; they are too close. There's a dull rushing sound in his ears; his breaths are harsh and too loud and he's frenzied, desperate, panic thrumming in his veins. He needs to get out, away.

"What's wrong with him?" he hears someone asking.

"It's the medication," comes the hushed reply. "He's not reacting well to it."

"Someone bring the tranquilliser!" There's the sound of hurrying feet and the metallic clang of a trolley being rolled towards him.

No. He won't spend the next few hours dazed and drooling like he had been, frozen except for his eyes which were alert and conscious of everything being done to him. He's getting out, or he will die trying. The rest of his members—Taekwoon

But there's a sharp sting in the side of his neck, and he's buckling to his knees before he can really register what's happening. He lets out an angry, pained sound but that's all he can do before his body is going numb again.

A hint of a large, wide smile behind a surgical mask. The plastic goggles glint under the artificial light. "Sleep tight."

5. N/Hyuk, Gokusen AU for not-so-anon

Sanghyuk is his student. Hakyeon has to remind himself of this fact several times a day, often chastising himself sternly in the school's bathroom mirror.

"Han Sanghyuk is your student," he tells his reflection, who pushes up the spectacles on its nose and nods solemnly back at him.

The line has found its way into his morning pep talks to himself, right alongside the, "Class 3D is a group of troublemakers but they're good at heart," and the, "Even though Vice Principal Kim is a pain in the ass, you cannot actually put your fist through his face."

He usually feels better after this, bolstered and ready to take on the world. Then he washes up, collects his books from the staff room and heads to the third level. With a final small, "Fighting!" to himself, he pushes the door open.

"Good morning!" he greets cheerfully. A balloon of flour explodes in his face. The world disappears in a cloud of white. There is dead silence.

"Um—sorry teach, we didn't mean to—"

There's something soft and wet on his face. A handkerchief, he realises. And a large hand, tilting his chin up so that it can reach the other parts of his face. Sanghyuk's voice rumbles low into his ear. "That should be the worst of it." There's something like amusement in his tone. Hakyeon's knees feel a little wobbly.

He leaps away, babbling something he doesn't process. He may have scolded the class or lectured them on the appropriate use of cooking materials. They are appropriately contrite. Sanghyuk slinks to the back of the class and sits there with a smirk on his face.

Han Sanghyuk is his student, he repeats to himself, like he's warding off ghosts. It doesn't seem to help.

6. Ken, exhibitionist for anon

"This isn't the reality I wanted," Hongbin moans, slapping his hand over his eyes.

Hakyeon gives him a brave smile. "You know we promised to support him in all his hobbies. Even the weirder ones."

"Step right up, one and all!" Jaehwan calls. "Hongbin, please don't block the entrance."

"I never said he should showcase all his One Piece memorabilia."

"Be encouraging," Hakyeon admonishes.

"What does this one do?" Hyuk asks as his fingers stretch out to tap the bobble head in front of him.

The pain on Jaehwan's face is priceless.

7. N/Leo, secrets for jeodoboleo
(that I didn't post in the end because I couldn't get three sentences D:)

The secret is that they haven't spoken to each other in years.

In front of the cameras, Taekwoon bears it if Hakyeon comes by, slings an arm over him or sits too close, but his body is stiff and uncomfortable under Hakyeon's arm, and it doesn't take long before Hakyeon stops—stops trying, stops pretending.

8. N/Hongbin, If you continue to love me, there won't be any result for anon

Top star Cha Hakyeon. Dashing with the ladies and gentlemen alike, sincere and humble with his sunbaes, loyal, gentle and trustworthy as a friend.

Hongbin knows him, from all the press releases and interviews he's helped to prepare, arranging the promotional events from the sidelines of another popular film set, and secretly devouring his dramas when he goes home. He knows Hakyeon, knows what makes him happy, what makes him tick. After all, a very long time ago, they used to be neighbours.

They're face to face now, Hongbin slightly breathless, Hakyeon's hand warm and dry in his his, and Hakyeon is seeing him, finally seeing him for the first time.

"I love your work," Hongbin blurts. "You always bring such life into your characters, it's amazing to watch."

"Hongbin," Hakyeon says, "Lee Hongbin?"

The world narrows to a very fine point, and all he can see is Hakyeon's wide smile, a more mature and restrained version of the ones he used to flash at Hongbin. "You remember me?"

"Of course," Hakyeon says with a laugh. "How could I ever forget the time you convinced me to go catch guppies in the drain behind our house?"

A rush of excitement floods Hongbin, and he's almost giddy when he responds. "If I remember, you were just as excited to go along with me."

"Until I fell into the drain."

They share another laugh, and it's almost like they're seven years old again, young and carefree. It feels like all his wildest dreams are coming true. He'd only hoped for them to rekindle their friendship; even being Cha Hakyeon's friend would be an honour. It isn't until they met, with Hakyeon looking at him, really looking at him and seeing him, that he's dared to wish for more.

Behind him, in the line, fans are shifting their feet and muttering about how he's taking up all the time. Some sort of recklessness propels him to ask, "Listen—it's getting late and I don't want to hold you back. Do you want to catch up over dinner sometime?"

Hakyeon casts a glance at his watch—an expensive watch, Hongbin registers, probably from one of his sponsors. "I don't mind, but—" He waves Hongbin closer. Hongbin leans in, barely daring to breathe, heart pounding. Hakyeon continues in a low whisper, "I can only commit to one night. If you know what I mean." He smiles again, and it's all teeth. "I'm going back to Seoul after that, and I can't afford ties to any places. You understand, right?"

"Of course," Hongbin stammers, but he doesn't, not at all. The gullible seven-year-old with the wide laugh in his memory is being replaced with this shrewd twenty-seven-year-old in the peak of his career, and there's nothing he can do to stop it.
Tags: drabble, the black hole of kpop, vixx

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