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Because my fandom interests have diverged quite a bit, parts of this journal have been friends-locked. I've sunk into the black hole known as K-pop and will no longer be as active in the Harry Potter fandom.

My fic may be found at my masterlists: HARRY POTTER | OTHER FANDOMS (K-pop, K-drama, J-pop). I am also on Twitter.

New friends are always welcome; just leave a comment to let me know if you'd like me to add you back :)

For friends who have been with me since my HP days, I love you. Please have a look at this message :)

★ christmas wishlist

I was so excited by this it didn't really matter that I'm two and a half months early for Christmas.

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My list.

Thanks to Isa who let me steal this gif from her ♡ (Credits: leootastic)

☆ A mixtape. You can put it on 8tracks or however you'd like it ;; I really like music. Here are some songs I've liked recently!

☆ Holiday greetings (video or audio)? :D Or if you're shy a handwritten message would be nice too ♡

☆ Nice messages (snaps cup style?) for me to read when I'm sad. Or just things to put in my happy box. (Inspiring quotes, pretty pictures, general pick-me-ups and encouragement...)

N on an airplane to my house (Um, a huge leap but I've always wanted a Utopia hoodie. The ones they're wearing. Yes I'll be quiet now.)

A Love Equation dress...? (Now I can't decide if I want the hoodie or the dress more ;;)

☆ A new LJ layout...? I like clean layouts with a lot of space but I've had this one for years now. Or a userhead, I've grown attached to this pirate guy and I'm not sure when he expires. apparently it lasts for five years!

☆ Things I can put on my wall :) Right now just my Utopia poster is there. Pictures, postcards, anything!

☆ Notepads or notebooks made out of recycled paper (I've never moved on from the stationery a friend gave me from this place.)

☆ Good friends to go through 2016 with ♡ #peptalkclub

☆ Placeholder request for sugar and spice and anything nice :D Anything would be lovely!

If you need personal information, just PM me :) EXCITES!

Friends' wishlists ♡

neko_90 here
thunggyu here
exclusivite here
mara_ciro here
darkyulate here
kirakirashahida here

we were kings, once (1/2)

Title: we were kings, once (1/2)
Author: slashedsilver
Fandom: VIXX
Pairing: N/Hyuk
Summary: Down in the outer cities, gangs rage supreme. Sanghyuk doesn't concern himself much with them. He just wants to stay alive.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 13,600 words

Notes: Thanks to naladot and darkyulate for the very thorough beta, alesserrain for encouraging me especially in the early stages of this fic, neko_90 for her #justicefor6vixx campaign and every single thing that kept me going to the end, and the amazing mods for their positivity and persistence in this entire fest. Also to everyone on tlist who ever heard me rant about it and still held my hand and cheered me on. This fic pushed me to places I hadn't gone before, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without all of you.

Written for Extrafictionary 2015. Also posted on AO3.

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Part 2

vixx drabble dump of doom

So this was the post I drafted to start it all, but ended up being the last to post. Finally got off my butt to post these half-written things that have been hiding in my WIP folder.

"You have to do something," Isa said. "They need to meet people."

Some of these I intended to flesh out into fics but they're not ficcing right now, so I'll leave them here for pompoms and encouragement since those have proven to make me write even when I feel lazy about it.

New drabbles will be added to the bottom of this post when they're written.

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Still pending:

5. BFF!Eunji drabble
6. preening!Leo drabble
7. bird!N, cat!Leo drabble—yes, thank you very much neko_90

8. Arashi and VIXX swop schedules drabble (yes, thanks so much again)

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the everyone-wants-hakyeon ficlet

In honour of my self-declared drabble dump month, have a not-fic-not-ficlet-not-quite-drabble!

Title: the everyone-wants-hakyeon fic
Author: slashedsilver
Fandom: VIXX
Summary: Wherein Hakyeon's sexiness finally drives everyone up the wall.
Rating: G
Word Count: 401
Notes: Written for my turn on shiritori, and inspired by N's ridiculously hot solo stage.

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Hakyeon, Fanboy Extraordinaire

Title: Hakyeon, Fanboy Extraordinaire
Author: slashedsilver
Characters: Cha Hakyeon and VIXX LR
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1,225
Warnings: None
Summary: This is the day Hakyeon will finally get into a fan sign. He just knows it.

Notes: For neko_90, who enabled me with fanboy!Hakyeon seconds before we got the real deal. Relevant videos and references: Hakyeon buying the LR albums, sulking because he didn't get into the fansign, giving out self-made slogans and fan gifts.

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( Or read on AO3 )

drabbles from kpop_ficcage

While I was collecting drabbles for my massive VIXX drabble dump post, I realised I hadn't posted what I'd written for kpop_ficcage at the start of the year. It was a fun experience and really made me write.

It's a bit awkward looking at my writing after half a year (who knew six months could change so much D:) but I'll just post them here for posterity.

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